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Any incomes mentioned in articles below are not typical.  No income amount is guaranteed nor implied to be earned.

2017 Sep. 5, “Bass Grant – Top Leader With $34 Million In Career Revenue” Joins IML
There are very few who can have longevity, consistency and real results in the Network Marketing Industry.
Bass Grant has proven to be one of those few.
With over two decades of being a leader in the personal development arena, Bass Grant confidently wears the title of a true Network Marketing Super Star.
Bass has serve as a major catalyst in the global expansion of two wildly successful companies. His fast paced, principle driven approach to leadership fueled Bass to lead over 47,000 people from all over the world, resulting in over $34 Million dollars in revenue generated within his organization.
Bass Grant’s #1 Goal of being an Icon in this industry is to help people reach their dreams and goals.
He is on a mission to now impact the lives of millions more.

2017 Sep. 1, TN News Africa: “One On One With The Best Forex Trader In South Africa
This man owns 9 companies and 7 properties, and he’s an IML rep!
“… the forex trading company I was with was something else – a nightmare. But the main mistake I made was entering in forex trading without someone’s guidance. … After 1 year of misery someone introduced me to iMarketsLive. The company has the best forex trading tools and the person who introduced me guided me till I was now familiar with the trading tools and how forex trading works.”
He goes on to give 5 reasons why people should use IML:
“1. They teach you how to trade [, a] lifetime skillset. 2. They give you residual every Friday. 3. They give you autotraders free of charge [not free, but included in the slightly higher monthly membership]. 4. They are the owners of the popular harmonic scanner to guarantee your success [not guaranteed but it has a high success rate] in forex trading. 5. The CEO of the company gives 3 trading signals to trade per week.”

2017 Aug. 17,  “iMarketsLive Grows To 32,000 Customers And $6+ Million Per Month
“[W]e have upgraded in our classification [of] iMarketsLive to AA+.”
$178,060 in monthly volume.
– One active 6-figure earner.
– Roughly 1,200 customers.

$4,125,975 in monthly volume.
– 40 active 6-figure earners. [See all 40 listed here!]
– Roughly 27,000 customers.

8/17/2017 Update: $6.3 million in monthly volume, 32,000 customers.”

2017 Jun. 01,  “Interview With Isis De La Torre CFO iMarketslive
“IML was born from an inspiration, a vision, and a mission. IML CEO, Christopher Terry and I, always believed in creating a True Vehicle that will bring people respect and dignity for themselves, and the power to change their lives and the lives of others, from any financial, educational, and cultural background, and from any country around the world.”
“As a Business and Career woman, with over thirty (30) years in the financial arena, I have seen many professionals in the United States earn a very good income, but lack the knowledge of how to manage their income and put it to work to their advantage. … Most people live paycheck to paycheck, and never learn how to save, invest, and plan for the future and for retirement. … nobody has taught us, not even in the school system, how to create Financial Wealth, Financial Security, Financial Peace of Mind, and prepare for Retirement.”

2017 Apr. 08,  “iMarketsLive Launches IML TV, Forex Eductaional System
“[IML TV’s] high tech, high touch solution allows subscribers to interact with expert traders on a daily basis, asking questions and learning a variety of skills to use in the markets.” “The iML TV solution boasts a service that provides a multi-language, multi-channel platform for all the global users tuning in that brings value and education in the markets to a whole new level. This platform uses a state of the art translation feature that allows any customer from any country that speaks any language to participate in the educational services platform.

170226-ivan-tapia-chairman1002017 Feb. 26, Update:  “Ivan & Monika Tapia Reach Chairman 100 Rank In A Shocking 6-Month Period!” Press release to follow …

1701112-gary-mcsween-chairman252017 Jan. 24,  “Gary McSween – iMarkets Live Achieves Chairman 25 Rank
With Gary, David Imonitie, “one of only 9 people in Organo Gold’s history to earn over $5 million dollars in income” joined IML in Nov. 2016.

2017 Jan. 21, Direct Selling News:  “iMarkets Live Dominating In Forex Trading Education
iMarketsLive is a leading Forex & Equity Education Company. The focus on the company is to provide live training sessions as well as state of the art software to educate and help guide those who are interested in the Forex and Equity Markets.  Late in 2016, iMarketsLive launched their Harmonic Scanner to help those who invest in the Forex Currency Market, gain a better traction on when the market trends might be on an uptick, or heading for a downturn.

170106-ivan-tapia-chairman502017 Jan. 17,  “Ivan Tapia – iMarketsLive Achieves Chairman 50 Rank
Ivan & Monika Tapia, 8-year network marketer, joined IML in Aug. 2016, had a public news release in Nov. (see Nov. 3 below), then reached the Chairman 50 rank on Jan. 6, 2017.  Very rarely does anybody in any company go from startup to a $50K monthly residual income in a year, and they did it in less than half a year.

2017 Jan. 16,  “Rich Girls Trade’s Tamara Young teaches you how to turn your phone into an ATM

2016 Nov. 03,  “Top Leader Ivan Tapia Joins iMarketsLive

170104-jt-jc-flyerJewel Tankard, who stars in a Bravo TV show is in our upline, 3 above us, and she’s the first female to reach the Chairman 25 rank (and did it in 9 months).


2016 Oct. 11,  “iMarketsLive Announces Upgrade Onto Naxum Unify Platform With S.P.E.E.D. System
“International Markets Live LTD out of New York announces their newly upgraded virtual office and marketing system powered by Naxum Online Marketing Services, LLC, out of Houston, Texas.”

2016 Aug. 03,  “iMarketsLive Is Growing Fast

2016 May 13,  “Chris Terry – CEO iMarketsLive Interview

moneyshow-logo2015 Aug. 19,  IML CEO Christopher Terry has been a guest speaker on the MoneyShow two dozen times.