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This video gives a detailed overview of the new Comp Plan and enhancements that went into effect Nov. 1, 2018, and has several testimonies from MWR Financial’s top earners that begin after the 35-minute mark.

Click here for complete compensation plan details (PDF)

For a quick overview of the ranks and potential income, see the summary chart below.


Have you ever looked at a compensation plan and wondered how many people you need downline in order to earn a $1000 monthly residual? … or a $10,000 monthly residual?  I’ve asked that question of several top reps when they’ve prospected me for a company, and it’s very rare that people know the answer, nor that they can even figure it out, due to the ridiculously complicated pay plans most companies use.

A 5-second look at MWR Financial’s Compensation Chart (above) shows less than 600 downline members pays a $6,000 monthly residual, plus another $5000 from 2 other bonuses, for $11,000 total, which is upsetting the traditional standard in the industry.  To compare it to what is normal in the network marketing world, we can easily reverse-engineer the math:

  • $10,000/month (target income) ÷ 10% commission (which is way higher than the typical MLM payout) = $100,000 volume
  • To create $100,000/mo. in volume, divide it by the average autoship, which is typically $100/mo., plus tax and shipping (making the total cost around $120+):
  • $100,000 ÷ $100/mo. = 1000 people ordering $100/mo., which is almost double MWR’s 600.  And that’s based on a 10% payout.

The problem is, by the time you get a total of 1000 people ordering in most companies, half of them have already quit!  So you’ll probably have to get double the 1000, so 2000, downline to reach the $10K/mo. target.  That’s all theory, but in reality I had 2200+ downline people in a product company with a $100 PV required minimum and earned $9400 that month (and a good chunk of that wasn’t residual, meaning it was a one-time payout).

“Are you working for money or is money working for you?”

With almost all the direct sales service companies, including energy, wireless, online shopping, etc., after all the coding, qualifications, and other compensation shenanigans, you’re lucky if you average a dollar residually per month per customer.  As you can see in the math above, with MWR you’re looking at 20 times that ($11,000/mo. ÷ 600 cust. = $19/cust.)!

When is the WRONG time to figure out what you’ll get paid?  After you have hundreds or thousands of people in your network.  The right time is BEFORE you put the network in place. 🙂

There’s A Fortune To Earn With MWR Financial!

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