iMarketsLive Products:  Investors Page
IML offers several ways for people at all income levels to participate in the significant compound growth available from Forex trading.

All iMarketsLive trades are 100% transparent, meaning they’re publicly published online (anyone can see them), so there is no question about IML’s results!

No IML member is required to trade/invest money, and no member is required to recruit or build a network.  It’s important to note that any IML customer who refers two other customers will then get the membership fee waived the next month and every month thereafter, as long a minimum of two referrals remain active.

Also, IML is not a broker and receives no commissions nor any profit from invested money.  IML never touches nor controls anyone’s investment money.  It’s impossible to know what percentage of people are profiting from the IML system, because we don’t have access to anyone’s broker accounts.  Even the IML CEO doesn’t have any way to know that number.  So if 100% of people profit from the AutoTrader, or 10% do, we have no way of knowing what the number is.  We only have access to the number of members, people who keep paying the $145 monthly fee; and if the system didn’t work, it’s logical to assume people wouldn’t continue paying for the membership.  IML has more customers (people who receive NO commissions) than reps who get paid commissions.

[Note:  all services mentioned here require an active IML membership]

FxSignalsLive Logo1.  IML AutoTrader (FxSignalsLive):  Let the experts do the trading, and have your account mirror their moves.
If you can open a savings account, you can open an AutoTrader (FxSignalsLive) account.  The minimum deposit amount is $500, but even if you don’t have that much, you can setup a demo account to see how it works.  Learn more here, including how to set up your own account.

Swipetrades Logo2.  IML SwipeTrades:  Copy, Paste, Profit
The experts send you signals each day, then you copy their moves manually, learning while you’re earning.  The minimum deposit amount is a tiny $50, but again, even if you don’t have that much, you can use a demo account to see how it works and learn the process without risking any money.  Learn more here, including how to set up your own account.

IML Harmonic Scanner 13.  IML Harmonic Scanner:  Exclusive, Private In-House Software That Helps A Beginner Look Like An Expert, And An Expert Look Like He Researches All Day!
IML’s exclusive software gives you a thorough look at all currencies, with nearly 90% accuracy of the direction they’re moving.  This online software gives you a higher level of trading sophistication while requiring only a small amount of trading knowledge.  Learn more here.

IML TV4.  IML TV & Academy:  Become An Expert Trader
Watch some of the world’s best traders work at it live on!  Also see hundreds of hours of trading training via the IML Academy, which gives you all the knowledge you need, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced trader.  See the IML TV Schedule near the bottom of this page.  

50-to-50k-in-60-days-disclaimer5.  $50 To $50K In 60 Days Challenge:  Ready to change your world in 60 days?
Take the “$50 To $50K In 60 Days Challenge” here.



Want a good taste of what IML’s Basic Training is like?  Check out “Forex 101 with Adaeze Duncan

Also, Learn How to Trade Forex for FREE:  School of Pipsology (Course Outline) (this is not an IML site, but it’s referenced in the above video)

From that same site, for those who want to become successful traders, make sure you read “Low Leverage Allows New Forex Traders To Survive” (“the number one cause of death of forex traders“).  That’s deemed mandatory material on Forex trading lot size, leverage, and growth.