MWR Financial Membership Services

This is a complete list of services and benefits available to MWR Financial’s members.  To see this info and more details, visit the company site:

Improve your credit scores from 50-150 points on average!  CreditMAX has already helped over 100,000 customers restore and build their credit and has removed over 1,000,000 entries!
CreditMAX has helped thousands of consumers remove or correct:

  • Late Payments
  • Collection Accounts
  • State & Federal Tax Liens
  • Automobile Repossessions
  • Judgments
  • Foreclosures
  • Bankruptcy Items
  • Charge-Offs
  • ID Theft Entries
  • Incorrect & Outdated Entries

What’s included:

  • FREE Credit Reports (Trans Union, Experian, & Equifax) provided through
  • Professional analysis of your credit reports by CreditMAX Credit Restoration Experts
  • Unlimited personalized disputes processed and sent on your behalf to assist with the correction or deletion of any information you believe is inaccurate, misleading, outdated, obsolete or that is no longer able to be verified
  • Updated Credit Reports provided by each reporting agency to show all items corrected or deleted
  • Customer Portal to keep you informed on where we are in the process
  • Credit Rebuilding Services to help you establish or reestablish your credit history/score
  • Identity Theft Correction

What to expect:

  • Confidential, professional, personalized, and prompt service that’s C.R.O.A.-compliant (Credit Repair Organizations Act).
  • Our customers typically experience an average credit score increase of 50-150 points.  Results vary for each client.
  • Increasing your credit scores can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars in interest rates, down payments, and even auto/homeowners insurance premiums!
  • Peace of mind knowing that your credit is in the hands of professionals!

Smart Credit, one of the most comprehensive Credit, Transaction, and ID monitoring services in the industry, is an affordable add-on feature that will allow you to stay informed of any changes to your credit reports and scores before, during or after the CreditMAX credit restoration process, as well as the ability to monitor, approve, and/or deny any transactions directly with your creditors, in real time, to avoid ever becoming a victim of identity theft.

Get out of debt in one-third to half the time and save thousands!
EquityMAX Benefits:

  • Comprehensive and personalized debt repayment plans
  • Eliminate your debts in one-third to half the time without spending a penny more!
  • Calculate the exact day, month, and year you’ll be debt free.
  • EquityMAX repayment plans will not negatively impact your credit scores.
  • Save tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest charges!
  • Shave years and even decades off your creditors’ payment plans!

Unlimited access to professional financial planners and advisers!
Have you ever needed advice on:

  • Creating a budget and financial counseling?
  • Knowing which type of life insurance is best for you and your family?
  • Understanding the appropriate asset allocations for you based on your risk tolerance?
  • The best types and ways to start a college fund?
  • Properly planning for your retirement and factoring the effects of inflation?
  • Tax planning and protecting your estate?
  • Eldercare expenses and needs analysis?

MoneyMAX also provides each Financial Edge member with Taxbot.  This incredible App takes the headache out of keeping track of all of your expenses that can be used as deductions to reduce your tax liability.  It can automatically track your mileage through GPS, capture and organize all of your receipts and it even provides you with a detailed report that can easily be sent directly to your tax preparer or CPA.  This service is included with every Financial Edge membership, at no additional cost to you.

Exclusive access to the financial secrets of the wealthy!
WealthMAX Benefits:

  • Be mentored by Mr. Jordan Goodman and attend live Q&A sessions!
  • Get exclusive access to the monthly financial coaching and training calls!
  • Get unlimited access to the on-demand video library of financial topics.
  • Increase your financial IQ and financial vocabulary, and boost your confidence.
  • Unlock the full potential of your income by knowing what to do and when!
  • Help your children make the best financial decisions for their future!

Private Reserve Account – Retirement Advice on Demand
In addition to all of the incredible knowledge WealthMAX has to offer, you will also have access to our Private Reserve Account and unlimited consultations with our retirement experts.  All of which can provide you with the best ways to save, grow and protect your money, tax free, with no risk of loss!

Our Specialties Include:

  • Bankruptcy and Debt Reorganizations
  • Federal & State Tax Settlements
  • Medical Bill Settlements
  • Consumer Credit Counseling
  • Debt Validation-Debt Settlement
  • Student Loans and much more

All of this for only $79.97 per month!  Compare to leading credit repair companies who offer only a small fraction of these services for the same price or more!
That $79.97/month covers both spouses, so it’s really twice the value:  $40/month each!

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